Sep 01, 2008

About This Blog

Welcome to Auntie Amanda Nolo's Legal Humor Blog -- lawyer jokes, witty quotes, loony laws, and hilarious courtroom anecdotes -- all collected by Auntie Nolo in her over 2,500 years of laughing at the law.

But who is this Auntie Amanda Nolo and how did she get in the legal humor business? The best guess is that Auntie Nolo was born in ancient Greece in the time of Aeschylus ("Wrong must not win by technicalities"). Since then, from Sophocles to Cicero and Abe Lincoln to Will Rogers, Auntie has always turned up when lawyers and their critics take a walk on the hilarious, bizarre, and just plain silly side of the legal street.

Jake Warner, Nolo's co-founder, met Auntie Nolo in 1971 when she turned up at his old brown-shingled Berkeley, California house soon after Nolo was founded. Ever since, the two of them have traded humorous remarks about the law, lawyers, courtroom escapades and America's love/hate relationship with the legal system. You may wonder what Auntie Nolo said when Warner finally got up his courage to ask her how she has managed to stay alive for 2,500 years:

"The law & lawyers are such endlessly funny subjects I've just kept laughing and laughing -- laughing so hard I guess I just haven't had time to die. But thinking about mortality, let me ask you a question: What's the difference between a tick and a lawyer? The tick drops off when you're dead!"